Hometown Is Now An Official NJ SEO Company

Along with our normal printing and shipping services, we have hired an in house SEO specialist to handle, not only our website's search engine optimization, but yours too!

Now offering SEO services in New Jersey, we aim to help local businesses increase their online presence. With our services, we keep everything completely transparent which means, you will know where you re money is going and you will understand how traffic to your website and business is increasing.

Services Detailed

  • Keyword planning and presentation

  • Website meta data design and reconfiguration

  • Rank monitoring and reporting

  • Marketing suggestions based on analytics and observations

Why choose Hometown for SEO?

If you enjoy the friendliest customer service, transparent work relations, and the support of local small businesses, then you will fall in love with Hometown. A lot of SEO companies are souly focused on revenue, and I'm not talking about your revenue! Here at Hometown we're different because we understand that your success directly affects ours! We will do anything in our power to help you get ahead of the competition and we will make that clear on every step of the way. Choose us as your trusted NJ SEO Company and we won't let you down!


These are some ballpark prices for our SEO services, but each job is case by case! Feel free to reach out for a quote you might be suprised by a price reduction!


Starting at $150/month Hometown can optimize your website and give 2 updates throughout the month.

This is ideal for small businesses who are just looking to get their name on Google.


Starting at $300/month Hometown will optimize and monitor your website weekly adjusting it for better rankings.

This is ideal for small businesses who are in growth mode actively looking for new leads.


Starting at $900/month Hometown will build a SEO marketing strategy analyzing the competition and doing keyword research to figure out the best plan for your business. After strategizing, your website will be optimized and monitored daily for better rankings in targeted keywords designed to drive more business.

This is ideal for any business looking to strengthen their brand and increase longterm traffic, or those looking to take over strong competition in a given field.

Need a quote?

Shoot us a message using this contact form or navigate to the contact page for more options!